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Find a variety of hand-picked helpful tools and information to dig deeper.

The links below are a collection of original on-site resources as well as external sites with their own practical aids.


Soil Health 101

The most central, essential and core concepts to understand, providing solid rationale for all decision-making about the land that you own.

Conversation Guide

How do you have those important conversations with current or potential tenants? 


These are some of the top questions that we hear around this discussion. 

Farmland Leasing Templates

Farmland is crucial to agriculture, yet leasing land can be complex. Access lease templates on the Agriculture Law Education Initiative’s site to help you get started.

Agricultural Conservation Leasing Guide

Move from handshake deals to solid, structured written leases for the well-being off everyone involved.

This work is supported by the National Institute of Food and Agriculture, U.S. Department of Agriculture, through the Northeast Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education program under subaward number ENE18-151.

PA Soil Health Coalition

This new network of soil health professionals is dedicated to enriching the soil across the state of Pennsylvania. Gain more learning and connections from these partners and their resources.

The Maryland Department of Agriculture’s Healthy Soils Program

This program aims to advance the adoption of conservation practices that improve the health, yield, and profitability of soils, and increase its biological activity and carbon sequestration capacity. Discover the growing efforts to support farmers and landowners in achieving soil health goals.   

VA Soil Health Coalition

The Coalition seeks to increase communication among soil health experts and practitioners, increase shared knowledge of the science and practices of healthy soils, support farmers in their efforts to build healthy soils, and educate decision-makers and the public about healthy soils.


While Landowner Help is curated and focused mainly on the Mid-Atlantic region, there are other very helpful resources that you may find valuable. 

The Nature Conservancy

Best-in-class conservation resources. This page features articles for Landowners and Farmers.

The Farmland Information Center

The nation’s largest online collection for information on farm and ranch land protection and stewardship. We found this page about On-Farm Conservation particularly helpful. 

Farmland Access Legal Toolkit

Farmland Access is a resource that allows farmers and landowners to affordably access, transfer and conserve farmland. 

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