Rent Confidently

For the Good of the Soil,

For the Good of your Land.

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Handshakes are good.

Deeper understandings are better. 

We help landowners and tenants learn how to build solid, structured & mutually beneficial agreements that will enrich the soil and protect your natural resources for generations to come. 

Learning Together

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Why it Matters

What People Are Saying

“Soil health to me, as a landowner, is the long term viability of our farm. There are definite value-added aspects with cover crops and no-till strategies that benefit the whole farm.”

Keiller Kyle

“I have been using the Ag Conservation Leasing Guide as a great resource to get landowners & farmer producers on "the same page" as we negotiate leases. This has caused our lease contracts to be more comprehensive and I believe, over time, this will allow more long term conservation work to be completed on the land.”

 Joe Hickman, Hickman Farm Management & Consultation

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